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A project initiated by Fresh Milk (Barbados) RM, (New Zealand) and Van Lagos (Nigeria).

Fresh Milk

fresh milk

The Fresh Milk Art Platform Inc. is a Caribbean non-profit, artist-led, inter-disciplinary organization that supports creatives and promotes wise social, economic, and environmental stewardship through creative engagement with society and by cultivating excellence in the arts.

The idea for Fresh Milk developed over years of conversations with other practicing artists around the need for artistic engagement among contemporary practitioners living and working in Barbados, with an expressed need to strengthen links with the region and the diaspora and shape new relationships globally.

Given the traumatic history of the Caribbean, the region is not always associated with the idea of nurturing. By embodying this notion of nurturing creativity and offering a space that is safe for people to experiment, innovate, gather, talk, think and create, Fresh Milk becomes an act of resistance by moving against this historical grain.

Fresh Milk bridges the divides between creative disciplines, generations of creatives, and all linguistic territories in the region—functioning as a cultural lab, constantly redefining itself. The platform transforms into a gathering space for contemporary creatives who are thirsty to debate ideas and share works through local and international residencies, lectures, screenings, workshops, exhibitions, projects etc.

Fresh milk logo orange and black





RM_profile copy

RM is an artist-run space, project office and (gradually developing) archive.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, RM is a gallery that places the work of local emerging artists alongside more seasoned practitioners. RM seeks to engage with the practices, discourses and modes of presentation that aren’t well-supported or easily accessible in Auckland.

Though we might look like a white cube, we are more interested in the potentials of an empty room – a space to gather, to think, to talk, to make, to share…

Established in 1997, RM is the country’s longest running artist-run-space. The co-directors are Eleanor Cooper, Melanie Kung, Ziggy Lever, Fleur Sandbrook, Taarati Taiaroa, and co-founder Nick Spratt. Previous incarnations of the rm project have included rm3, rm212, rm401 and rm103.

Click here for a PDF compilation of some of the readings that helped shape RM after its shift to Karangahape Road in 2009. The readings discuss other galleries and initiatives including Mess HallCasco and the Insa Archive.





Video Art Network Lagos

Van lagos

VANLagos is a New Media art organisation based in Lagos, Nigeria, established by the collaborative efforts of artists Emeka Ogboh, Jude Anogwih and cultural producer Oyindamola Fakeye.

VANLagos promtes New Media art activities in Nigeria, Develops educational and public programmes that promote and create New Media art awareness in Nigeria, and creates a sustainable platform for the screening and presentation of New Media art in Nigeria.

They host and curate screenings and exhibitions of both established and emerging New Media artists as well as a series of educational and public programmes on New Media art in and around Lagos. VANLagos builds on its international networks and capabilities by partnering with institutions that promote New Media art.

Even as the worlds (manmade) borders become ever more irrelevant and globalisation digs its feet further into the ground of our consciousness, there is much to be gained, especially in terms of contemporary art. For instance the inception of Video art in Nigeria, beginning formally through oneminute foundation workshops in both Enugu and Lagos, followed by the Lihna Imagineria workshops developed by Miguel Petchkovsky (Time_Frame)and held at the Centre for Contemporary Art Lagos.

October 2009 saw the opening of the first international video art exhibition curated by Nigerian curators Oyinda Fakeye and Jude Anogwih which further cemented the role of video art in the Nigerian contemporary art scene. The exhibition was accompanied by a publication which featured writings by Solange Farkas (videobrasil), Goddy Leye (Art Bakery), Krydz Ikwuemesi (Univerisity of Nigeria Nsukka) and others. It’s also important to mention the work carried out by the Goethe Institute to further develop the medium with a successful workshop hosted in April 2010.


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