Katia Café-Fébrissy | Guadeloupe / Toronto

Katia Café-Fébrissy is a Toronto-based award-winning Writer & Director. Born in Paris with roots in Guadeloupe, she speaks English, French, Spanish and Creole fluently. Since its release, her latest film, ROOT UP / À LA RACINE (2017), has won the Best Short Documentary Award at the Terra Environmental Film Festival, the Best Woman Filmmaker Prize at the Barcelona Planet Film Festival and the Silver Spotlight Documentary Film Award. It is also part of the official selection of the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival and the Docs Without Borders Film Festival. Her previous documentary SOCIAL ME / MES RÉSEAUX SOCIAUX ET MOI (2015) produced by the National Film Board of Canada, premiered on Radio Canada TV and received numerous accolades in domestic and international festivals.

Katia is an alumna of the Women in the Director’s Chair program, Canada. She also holds a postgraduate diploma in Documentary Filmmaking from Varan Doc Film Centre, France and an MA in Literature and Languages from the Université Paris VIII, France. Katia is a member of the Francophone Writers Guild of Canada, the Directors Guild of Canada and Women in Film & Television – Toronto Chapter. Besides, she sits on the Board of Directors of the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto.


Ruy Cézar Campos | Brazil

Ruy Cézar Campos (b. 1989, Fortaleza) is an artist-researcher experimenting with video, performance and installation art, creating works inspired by subjects such as media and network archeology, sensory ethnography, infrastructural and displacement affectivities. Holds a Bachelor degree in Audiovisual and New Media (2015) and is a M.A. cadidate. Currently developing research on cities connected through submarine cables infrastructure in the Caribbean, Africa and Brazil. Had his works displayed in exhibitions and videoart festivals across Brazil, Greece, Israel, India, Japan, South Korea and Germany.


Lionel Cruet | Puerto Rico

Lionel Cruet, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico lives and works in New York City and San Juan. Received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from La Escuela de Artes Plásticas en Puerto Rico and a Masters in Fine Arts from CUNY – The City College of New York. He was the recipient of the Juan Downey Audiovisual Award in 2013 at the 11th Media Arts Biennale at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile. In 2015 had a solo show, Lionel Cruet: In Between, Real and Digital with Bronx River Art Center in New York. Also his artwork have been part of a group exhibition such as SuperReal: Alternative Realities in Photography and Video at El Museo del Barrio in New York, Colonial Comfort at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico and the Sound Art Fair at Sala de las Artes, Universidad de Sagrado Corazón in Puerto Rico and most recently at Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY. In 2016 he participated on the AIM Program with The Bronx Museum of the Arts and his projects has been published by Made in Mind Magazine, designboom, Daily Serving CCA, Latinx Spaces among others. His work focuses in subjects of geopolitics, economy and technology, using experimental digital printing processes, audiovisual material, performance, and installations.


Di-Andre Caprice Davis | Jamaica

Di-Andre Caprice Davis was born in Kingston, Jamaica. She is a self-described experimental artist exploring new media technologies. Her work is primarily an exploration of form; engaging the opportunities afforded by new media to develop new languages that reflect a twenty-first century contemporary existence. Abstraction, computer graphics, GIF art, glitch art, mathematics, science, and surrealism are some of the fascinations that animate her practice. Notable exhibitions include the National Gallery of Jamaica’s Jamaica Biennial (2014) and (2017), Young Talent (2015), Digital (2016) and Kingston Part 1: The City and Art (2016). She also participated Canopy Guild, a collaborative exhibition (2014) at New Local Space (NLS) in Kingston. Davis exhibited in the Jamaican Pulse: Art and Politics from Jamaica and the Diaspora at the Royal West of England, Bristol, UK from June 25 – September 11, 2016. She completed a two weeks residency at Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK from June 29 – July 10, 2016 and her experimental film, Chaotic Beauty was selected to be apart of the Trinidad+Tobago Film Festival 2017 and won Best Experimental Film. She lives and works in Kingston.


Tricia Diaz | Trinidad and Tobago

Born: April 24, 1993, Scarborough Tobago.

Tricia Diaz is an emerging interdisciplinary artist from Trinidad and Tobago. In 2016, she graduated with a B. A. in Visual Arts with Honours from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. Her works employ a range of media such as: painting, drawing, sculpture, as well as, new media.

In her practice, Tricia investigates and explores ideas of identity, belonging and place. In particular, her works explores the struggle to define one’s identity and the anxious and visceral nature of this internal struggle to exert and define the Self over the Other. Disembodiment, confusion and the idea of visibility are some of the key themes that are found in her work.

Her most recent works were exhibited at the National Gallery of Trinidad and Tobago in 2016 as part of her final year exhibition. She currently lives and works in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.


David Gumbs | St. Martin

David Gumbs  is a multimedia artist from the island of Saint-Martin. In 2017, his work is shown at the Relational Undercurrents exhibition at MOLAA. As a Special Project at the 2017 Jamaica Biennal. In 2016, he was Awarded the Davidoff Art Initiative artist in Residence in Beijing China. Where he exhibited at the World Art Museum, and Aotu Studio independent art space. And took part of the Digital exhibition at the National Gallery of Jamaica. His showed at Video Islands in New York, at the Memorial Acte Museum in Guadeloupe, in 2015 (Macte). In 2014 at the Trinidad+Tobego Film Festival – New Media, at the Transforming Spaces –
Bahamas, at the Beep Bop Boop New Media Festival – Florida. In 2013 at the BIAC Biennal – Martinique,
at Art Bémao New media selection – Guadeloupe. In 2012 at Happy Island Project Biennal – Aruba. And in 2009 at the prestigious Latitudes, Paris City Hall.


Joanna Helfer | Scotland + Luis Vasquez La Roche | Venezuela / Trinidad and Tobago

Joanna Helfer is a multidisciplinary artist based in Scotland. She graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art with a BA (Hons) in Time Based Art in 2009. In 2010 she co-founded Tin Roof, an artist led studio, gallery and workshop space in Dundee, where she had her first solo show in 2015. Helfer was resident artist at Alice Yard, Trinidad in spring 2017 as part of the British Council’s Transatlantic Artists Residency Exchange. Other residencies include Shona Projects in 2015, Iona in 2014 and Nablus, Palestine in 2012. She has shown work internationally including the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival in 2017 and Impact 9 in Hangzhou, China in 2015 as well as participating in numerous artist led exhibitions, film screenings and publications in Scotland.
She works across media exploring understandings of space, territory and belonging. Working from a starting point of walking, her work interprets and represents the hidden or suppressed narratives from within different political, geographical and historical spaces. Her recent practice combines performance, video, analogue photography and printmaking to investigate Scotland’s global influence. Through research into heritage, particularly in craft and manufacturing, Joanna’s current work explores connections between Scotland’s industrial golden age and the exploits of empire. Her work also explores themes of power, encounter, language and dominance through a series of performative actions to camera.

Luis Vasquez La Roche was born in Venezuela and moved to Trinidad and Tobago in 2002. His works are explorations of personal experiences from his past and new adopted space and culture. He has shown work in Trinidad, Grenada, Bahamas, Venezuela, Colombia, Germany, Scotland, and The Netherlands. He had his first solo show in Trinidad at Medulla Art Gallery in 2012. He was part of the Artists in Residence (OAZO AIR) in The Netherlands in 2013 and Beta Local’s Itinerant Seminar in Puerto Rico in 2016. This year his work has been shown at the New Media Showcase in the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. He is also the co-founder of See You on Sunday, which is an artist collective committed to Arts education. He currently lectures in The University of Trinidad and Tobago. His works are explorations of personal experiences and his new adopted space, language and culture, delving into his interest in realismo magico, subjectivity, identity, race, racism, memory, language and politics. Some of the work materializes from his practice and process of collection. These collections of data, objects and images partly inform his work or in other instances become the work.

Joanna and Luis collaborated extensively throughout her recent residency in Trinidad, brought together by interest in walking, territory and belonging as central themes in their individual practices. Their work together often touches on the idea of the transnational encounter and it’s shortfalls in terms of representation, access, exploitation and the limitations as well as the opportunities of language. They are both interested in photography, sound and video and their uses as tools of repression and representation.


Deborah Jack | USA

Deborah Jack, is an visual artist whose current work deals with the notion of hurricanes as memorial, landscape and the environment. As a multi-media artist she engages a variety of visual and aural strategies for mining sites of cultural memory/present. The resonance of traumatic historical events in nature is at the core of her work. She is intrigued by concept of re-memory, memory as a trigger and as a means for exploring the dismembering of the histories, cultures, traditions, families, and personal memories.  Her work seeks to articulate an historical and cultural injury. She is interested in seducing the eye with scenic aspects of landscape and the potential for the betrayal that can come from closer examination of these seemingly “innocent” and “untouched” places/bodies.

Her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in the Caribbean, the United States, and Europe. Group exhibitions include Relational Undercurrents: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Archipelago, at the Museum of Latin American Art in Los Angeles. Upcoming shows include Revival: Contemporary Pattern and Decoration, El Museo del Barrio, in New York City. Her work has been exhibited at the 2014 SITE Santa Fe Biennial, Brooklyn Museum, and the Jersey City Museum.

Deborah has published two poetry collections, The Rainy Season (1997) and skin (2006). She is an Associate Professor of Art at New Jersey City University.


Alanna Lockward | Dominican Republic / Germany

Alanna Lockward is a German-Dominican writer, journalist and filmmaker. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana-Xochimilco in communication sciences and her master’s degree from the Institute for Art in Context of the Berlin University of Arts. Since 1996 she has produced, directed and conducted cultural television programs and has been a political reporter in the Caribbean region for major international companies. As a cultural critic Lockward has focused intensely on the moving image for more than a decade. In 2016 she premiered his first documentary film, “Allen Report. Retracing Transnational African Methodism “(FONPROCINE 2013), later nominated for the La Silla Awards (2017). This was the first Dominican film invited to the prestigious 24th New York African Film Festival (2017). Lockward’s Pan-Africanist investigative contributions in this first Dominican-Haitian documentary co-production have been recognized by the Dominican Academy of History as “… (A) rich history that connects the Black American of Samaná with such transcendent figures as Toussaint Louverture and Marcus Garvey” . Alanna Lockward lives and works in Berlin and Santo Domingo.


Juliette McCawley | Trinidad and Tobago

Juliete Headshot

An award winning Trinidadian filmmaker, Juliette McCawley spent 15 years as an actor before getting involved in film production. She spent 7 years in Shanghai and London producing, writing and directing short films as well as industrial and corporate videos. Since her return to Trinidad she has worked as writer/director/producer on documentaries, features and short films. Her film “One Good Deed” has been in several international film festivals and won the Jury Award for Best Short Film in the Caribbean Tales Film Festival. Most recently she was a co-producer on the feature film “The Cutlass” which won People Choice and Best Feature Film in the Trinidad And Tobago Film Festival.


Jodi Minnis | The Bahamas

Jodi Minnis was born in Nassau, The Bahamas on January 19th, 1995. In 2012, Minnis graduated from Mt. Carmel Preparatory Academy and graduated in 2015 from the College of The Bahamas with an Associates of Art: Fine Arts. Minnis worked as the gallery assistant of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (2014 – 2015). She also worked as the assistant curator of the Central Bank of The Bahamas Art Gallery (2014 – present). Having exhibited in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Aruba and Tampa, Florida, Minnis produces inter disciplinary art work focused on Bahamian women. She was awarded the Popop Junior Residency Prize in 2014, and was selected to represent the Bahamas during the Caribbean Linked III residency programme in 2015. Minnis was also nominated for a National Youth Award (2015) and a Bahamian Icon Award (2016). Minnis anticipates to obtain her Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in drawing and painting at the University of Tampa in 2018.


Sofía Gallisá Muriente | Puerto Rico

Sofía Gallisá Muriente is a visual artist who works mainly with video, photography, text and installation. She studied film and Latin American Studies at New York University and has participated in experimental pedagogical platforms like Anhoek School and La Práctica at Beta-Local. Through multiple approaches to documentation, her work deepens the subjectivity of historical narratives, examining formal and informal archives, popular imaginaries and oral history. She has been a resident artist of the Museo La Ene in Argentina, Alice Yard in Trinidad & Tobago and Solar in Tenerife, as well as a Flaherty Seminar fellow. In 2015, she received an emerging artist grant from TEOR/éTica in Costa Rica, where she had a solo exhibition. Her work has also been shown at the Bronx Latin American Art Biennial; San Juan Polygraphic Triennial; ifa Gallery in Berlin; Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions and the Buenos Aires Latin American Art Museum.


Ada M. Patterson | Barbados

Ada M. Patterson is a Barbadian visual artist and writer based in Barbados and London. They completed their BA (Hons) Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in 2017. Their work emerges from imagining strategies of resistance in the face of neo-colonial encounters and desires that affect Barbados and the Caribbean region. Regarding the processes by which ‘paradise’ shapes the Caribbean, the artist is invested in subverting the lens and language of such, in service to the region’s self-image. Their work has been exhibited at Tate Exchange at Tate Modern, London and they participated in “Sonic Soundings / Venice Trajectories,” a sound art project coordinated with the Diaspora Pavilion at the 57th Venice Biennale. They have contributed to panel presentations at the “Caribbean Diasporic Dialogues” conferences at Goldsmiths University and the British Library.


Danielle Russell | Jamaica

Danielle Russell is an independent filmmaker whose short films and documentaries have been internationally showcased. With a B.A. in Radio Journalism and an M.F.A in Film and TV Production, her professional experience spans multiple media platforms and languages as she has held jobs as a Radio Journalist, TV Producer and a Mandarin/English translator for film. Danielle has also been involved in the academic side of the creative industry as she has presented research on the portrayal of the physically disabled at the Rex Nettleford Arts Conference. Danielle’s participation in the recent British Council Script Development Workshop, puts her as one of fifteen who were selected for this inaugural training programme. She was also selected as one of five recipients in Jamaica to receive a grant from the 2017 Propella Short Film Project towards the making of a short film. Her career in film began when she attended a 6-week Filmmakers Workshop, after which she founded the Campion College Filmmakers’ Society at her high school in order to encourage other students to make their own films. Danielle currently lectures in Storytelling and Scriptwriting at the University of Technology, Jamaica.


Oneika Russell | Jamaica

Oneika Russell attended the Edna Manley College in Kingston, Jamaica. From 1999 to 2003 where she completed a diploma in the Painting Department. In 2003 she left for studies at Goldsmiths College in London in the Centre for Cultural Studies. While at Goldsmiths, Oneika began to integrate her interests in combining the practice of Painting with New Media. Later post-grad studies at Kyoto Seika University in Japan furthered the interest in hand-craft and technological meeting points in service of explorations of history, culture and social narratives. Characters and stories formed the basis of much of her earlier work. Her current work increasingly involves more installation which uses sound, drawing video, prints, books and objects to reclaim and assemble fragmented experiences and thought together.


Shanice Smith | Trinidad and Tobago

Shanice Smith was born in 1991 in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. Her mixed-media pieces center around deconstructing and examining violence, objectification and commodification.  Her entire academic life, thus far, has been served at the University of the West Indies. Shanice first completed certificate qualifications in Social Work and Psychology at the University of the West Indies Open Campus. Shanice then went on to pursue her Bachelors in Fine Art at the UWI St Augustine. Shanice’s work has been on display at Alice Yard, Port-of-Spain; the National Museum of Trinidad and Tobago; Toronto Urban Film Festival; Fresh Milk Barbados; Caribbean Linked IV in Aruba; and the Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, to name a few.


Sandra Vivas | Venezuela / Dominica

Sandra Vivas, born in Caracas, earned her BFA from Universidad Central de Venezuela and a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute. Vivas is a video and performance artist with strong conceptual influences, questioning clichés about identity and the structure of power in relationships. Vivas works with multiple medias: including drawing, painting, video, live performances and most recently film. She has shown extensively in Venezuela and is recognized as one of the pioneers in the field of performance art as well as on feminism as a subject matter in her country of origin. Vivas has been living in Dominica, West Indies since 2009 and her work has been part of the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival in 2015, 2016 and 2017. In 2016 Vivas made her debut as curator for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival New Media event, showcasing videoworks from Venezuelan artists.


Rodell Warner | Trinidad and Tobago

Rodell Warner (b. 1986) is a Trinidadian artist whose most recent works are photographic portraits in which his digital animations are projected onto his subjects’ bodies, dramatically altering each subject’s appearance. These works have been exhibited at The Whitney Museum of American Art in the 2016 “Dreamlands” exhibition, at The National Gallery of Jamaica in the 2016 exhibition “Digital”, and at Art Basel in Switzerland in 2017. Rodell is a recipient of the 2011 Commonwealth Connections International Arts Residency and the 2014 summer residency at NLS Kingston. Most recently Rodell was commissioned by Davidoff Art Initiative to create their Limited Art Edition for 2017.


Alberta Whittle | Barbados

Alberta Whittle is a Barbadian artist, researcher and curator. Their creative practice is informed by diasporic conversation and working collectively towards radical self-love. Alberta considers radical self-love a key method in decolonization for PoC to battle anti-blackness. Her practice involves choreographing interactive installations, interventions and performances as site-specific artworks in public and private spaces. Since 2016, Alberta has been a Committee Member of Transmission Gallery in Glasgow, where her curatorial research looks at the need to decolonise public art institutions. Alberta is a freelance journalist and her critical writing has been published in Visual Culture in Britain, Visual Studies, Art South Africa and Critical Arts Academic Journal.

Foregrounding her research is an analysis of creative strategies employed to question the authority of postcolonial power, its implications and its legacy. Alberta has exhibited in various solo and group shows, including at the Johannesburg Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale, FRAMER FRAMED (Amsterdam), Royal Scottish Academy and David Dale Gallery (Scotland), BOZAR (Belgium), National Art Gallery (Bahamas) and at the Apartheid Museum, Goethe On Main and Constitution Hill (South Africa). During 2018, Alberta will be undertaking research residencies at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) and at Creative Lab at the Centre of Contemporary Art (CCA) both in in Glasgow. In April 2018, Alberta will be presenting her research at The Showroom in London as part of Holding Space.


Nick Whittle | UK / Barbados

Nick Whittle has lived and worked in Barbados since 1979. His practice explores a personal commentary on social, political and intimate concerns.

His process engages with a stream of consciousness and a sense of play, striving to enter a state of grace. The end result are works unfolding into multiples or sequences. Transitioning between the three-dimensional, works on paper and wall sculptures they incorporate photography, poetry, printmaking, found and commissioned objects, textiles and video. It is a process which has encouraged innovative work.

Walking the Atlantic shoreline of Barbados has informed his visual practice and poetry. He writes “This dot of an island has entered me, changed how l think and feel, as only living on an ocean edge can do.”

Writing poetry has become an integral part of his practice. Poems can appear on the printed page or be handwritten on the body or both. Text in visual works has always been of interest and is now the foundation of his video work.

The approach is sometimes metaphorical, physical, or an impetus from memory. On some occasions it is a word which triggers a poem that leads to the visual.

His poetry appears in Poui and Winning Words. He is also a Frank Collymore Literary Prize Winner. His poem Do You Love Me was set to dance for the World Environment Day 2014 Global Celebration Ceremony.

His most recent work is a meditation on the contested relationship between Scotland and the Caribbean, a narrative, which speaks of slavery and empire.


Anisah Wood | Barbados

Anisah Wood is a multidisciplinary artist based in the island of Barbados. Within her work Anisah makes reference to her immediate environment and its associated tropical place image. Through the interjection of quiet nuances her work questions popular ideas of home and by extension the Caribbean. Anisah is a recent graduate of the Barbados Community College where she received a First Degree in Studio Art with distinction. She has taken part in various exhibitions and of recent she has had the privilege of being a resident at the Fresh Milk Art Platform.